The Secretariat

PHA Staff

Gina Capili-Inciong, Executive Director
- Attends to needs of PHA Officers & Board of Directors
- Coordinator for Committees on Finance, Budget, Ethics, Long-Range Planning, By-Laws and Website

Gynna Gagelonia, Media Relations Officer
- Coordinates with media entities
- In-charge of write-ups for print/broadcast
- MyHeartPH (Heart News & Briefs) Managing Editor

Myrna dela Cruz, Senior Coordinator, Councils & Chapters, Standing Committees
- Over-all Coordinator for Councils and Chapters
- Coordinator for Committees on Research, International Affairs, Continuing Education Program Committee (CEPC)
- Philippine Journal of Cardiology (PJC) Editorial Assistant 

Cathy Morado, Senior Coordinator, Specialty Boards, Standing Committees and Administrative Service
- Coordinator for Specialty Boards of Adult and Pediatric Cardiology
- Coordinator for Committees on Membership, Awards, Elections & Nominations

Jenny Ymasa, Council Coordinator
- Coordinates for CEPC Sub-Committee on Cardiology Felllows-in Training and Councils on Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterization & Interventions, Cardiomyopathy and Cor Pulmonale, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular Anesthesia & Critical Care, Cardiovascular Surgery, Rheumatic Fever- Rheumatic Heart Disease and Ongenital Heart Disease
- Assists Council on Stroke and Peripheral Vascular Disease

Irene Alejo, Chapter & Advocacy Coordinator
- Coordinates for Chapters and PHA Advocacy Committee
- Coordinates for MyHeartPh (Heart News & Briefs)

Erica Poyauan, Communications Coordinator
- Assists media entities coordination for publicity and media exposure endeavor for the PHA
- Attends to PHA social media and digital platforms
- MyHeartPH (Heart News & Briefs) Writer/ Researcher

Cristie Reyes, Bookkeeper / Personnel in-charge
- Attends to PHA books of accounts
- Assists Finance and Budget Committees
- In-charge of personnel files

Gene Banawa, IT & Communication
- Over-all in-charge of IT-related tasks and maintains communication facilities

Marie Lumba, Office Assistant
- Attends to assigned tasks
- Handles front desk

Ning Grande, Administrative Clerk
- Attends to assigned tasks
- Assists Council on CPR for BLS/ACLS trainings

Jeff Morales, Administrative Clerk
- Attends to assigned tasks
- Assists in IT-related tasks

Jun Picaso, Utility Personnel
- Attends to assigned tasks

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