College Awardees


Distinguished Fellow

This is the most prestigious award and highest among the College Awards and is conferred to a Fellow of the college who has received any two of the college awards and is qualified to receive a third award. In lieu of the third award, the Distinguished Fellow Award is given.


1984 Edilberto G. Gozo, Jr., MD

1985 Roman P. Palma, MD

1986 Cesar G. Estalilla, MD

1988 Adolfo B. Bellosillo, MD

1989 Mariano M. Tolentino, MD

1990 Florina L. Kaluag, MD

1991 Augusto A. Camara, MD

1992 Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+

1993 Homobono B. Calleja, MD

1994 Avenilo P. Aventura, MD

1995 Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD+

1996 Santiago V. Guzman, MD+

1998 Helen P. Abundo, MD+ (Posthumous)

1999 Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD+

2000 Elias S. Imperial, MD+ (Posthumous)

2001 Bun Yok O. Dy, MD

2002 Wilberto L. Lopez, MD

2003 Clemente C. Gatmaitan, Jr., MD

2004 William T. Chua, MD

2004 Francisco G. Dizon, MD+

2005 Adriano G. Dela Paz, MD

2006 Rodolfo C. Soto, MD

2006 Gregorio B. Patacsil, MD+

2007 Agripino D. Reloza, MD+

2008 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD+

2009 Asuncion A. Reloza, MD

2010 Rody G. Sy, MD

2011 Dante D. Morales, MD

2012 Rafael R. Castillo, MD

2015 Luis M. Mabilangan, MD

2016 Nelson S. Abelardo, MD

2017 Norbert Lingling D. Uy, MD

2018 Romeo P. Ariniego, MD

2019 Camilo I. Porciuncula, MD, PhD+


Distinguished Service

This award is given to any physician, scientist or lay person or institution who by individual/concerted effort, has made profound contributions to cardiology through or delivery of services and the furtherance of the goals of the Association in the national or international level for at least ten (10) years.


1984 Alberto G. Romulo, DCL

1984 Ruben F. Santos, LLB+

1985 Antonio E. Gonzales, MD

1987 Vicente L. Magsino, MD+

1988 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD+

1989 Ramiro M. de Guia, Jr., MD+

1990 Jose F. Llenado, MD

1991 Agripino D. Reloza, MD+

1992 Ernesto P. Namin, MD+

1993 Rogelio B. Yebes, MD

1994 Luz P. Mabanag, MD+

1995 Camilo I. Porciuncula, MD, PhD

1996 Teresita E. Perez, MD

1996 Dante D. Morales, MD

1997 Paterno H. Dizon

1998 Asuncion A. Reloza, MD

1998 Rody G. Sy, MD

1999 Delia A. Villar

2000 Rafael R. Castillo, MD

2001 Ramy S. Diez

2002 Jorge A. Sison, MD

2003 Isabelo V. Ongtengco Jr., MD

2004 Ludgerio D. Torres, MD

2005 Vicente Jose Y. Velez, MD (Posthumous)

2006 Ramon P. Cumagun

2007 Romeo P. Ariniego, MD

2008 Lerma R. Noval, MD

2009 Eriberto A. Factora

2010 Nelson S. Abelardo, MD

2010 Mary Ong Go, MD

2011 Gregorio B. Patacsil Jr., MD+

2012 Edgardo E. Ortiz, MD

2013 Adoracion Nambayan-Abad, MD

2014 The Foundation for Lay Education on Heart Diseases, Inc.

2015 Erlyn C. Demerre, MD

2016 Norbert Lingling D. Uy, MD

2017 Faith G. Go, MD

2018 Milagros E. Yamamoto, MD

2018 Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, MD

2019 Atty Angeles A. Yap, MD


Distinguished Teacher

This award is given to a Fellow of the College who, because of his/her demonstrated abilities as outstanding teacher, is considered to have made major contributions to cardiology by teaching and mentoring of students at the undergraduate/post doctoral levels.


1983 Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD+

1984 Antonio M. Samia, MD+

1985 Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+

1986 Jose M. Barcelona, MD+

1988 Mariano M. Alimurung, MD+

1989 Evelyn B. Singian, MD

1990 Helen P. Abundo, MD+

1991 Luis M. Mabilangan, MD

1992 Bun Yok O. Dy, MD

1993 Emmanuel T. Gatchalian, Sr., MD+

1994 Wilberto L. Lopez, MD

1995 Rodolfo C. Soto, MD

1996 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD+

1997 Homobono B. Calleja, MD

1998 Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD

1998 Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr. MD+

1999 Rody G. Sy, MD

2000 Dante D. Morales, MD

2001 William T. Chua, MD

2002 Nelson S. Abelardo, MD

2003 Romeo D. Saavedra, MD

2003 Esperanza I. Cabral, MD

2004 Jose A. Yulde, MD+

2004 Roberto V. Anastacio, MD

2005 Milagros E. Yamamoto, MD

2006 Francisco G. Dizon, MD+

2007 Manuel B. Zacarias, MD

2008 Avenilo P. Aventura, MD

2009 Demetrio R. Flores, MD

2010 Norbert Lingling D. Uy, MD

2011 Wilson L. Tan de Guzman, MD

2012 Romeo P. Ariniego, MD

2013 Josefina L. Poblete, MD

2014 Enrico B. Gruet, MD

2015 Ma. Celine T. Aquino, MD

2016 Clarissa M. Mendoza, MD

2017 Lucita D. Jalbuena, MD

2018 John C. Añonuevo, MD

2019 Juliana Gomez-Tamayo, MD


Distinguished Scientist

This award is given to an individual who must have contributed significant scientific knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases, pioneered in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the management of cardiovascular diseases or published original papers in reputable local and/or international journals.


1984 Santiago V. Guzman, MD+

1986 Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD+

1987 Homobono B. Calleja, MD

1988 Jose V. Yason, Jr., MD

1989 William T. Chua, MD

1991 Francisco G. Dizon, MD+

1992 Esperanza I. Cabral, MD

1993 Andres L. Reyes, Jr., MD+

1994 Adriano G. dela Paz, MD

1995 Bun Yok O. Dy, MD

1997 Elias S. Imperial, MD+

1998 Luis M. Mabilangan, MD

1999 Antonio L. Dans, MD

2000 Rodolfo C. Soto, MD

2001 Ernesto B. Baello, Jr., MD

2004 Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, MD

2005 Maria Teresa B. Abola, MD

2006 Edgardo E. Ortiz, MD

2007 Jose Jonas D. Del Rosario, MD

2008 Dante D. Morales, MD

2009 Roberto V. Anastacio, MD

2010 Eduardo S. Caguioa, MD

2011 Bernadette Tumanan-Mendoza, MD

2012 Marcellus Francis L. Ramirez, MD

2013 Aida C. Baltazar, MD

2013 Florimond A. Garcia, MD

2014 Anthony B. King, Jr., MD

2015 Edgardo S. Timbol, MD

2016 Giselle G. Gervacio, MD

2017 Patricio P. Palmes, MD

2018 Timothy C. Dy, MD



This award is given to a Past President of the PHA or any of its Chapters who has not been a member of the Board of Directors for at last five (5) years. He/She must have continuously served the Association in various capacities and has contributed to the furtherance of its goals.


1982 Manuel Chua Chiaco, Sr., MD+

1983 Homobono B. Calleja, MD

1984 Emmanuel T. Gatchalian, Sr., MD+

1985 Avenilo P. Aventura, MD

1986 Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD+

1988 Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr., MD+

1989 Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+

1990 Andres L. Reyes, Jr., MD+

1991 Jose M. Barcelona, MD

1992 Adriano G. dela Paz, MD

1993 Helen P. Abundo, MD+

1994 Francisco G. Dizon, MD+

1995 Gonzalo F. Austria, MD

1996 Elias S. Imperial, MD+

1997 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD+

1998 Clemente C. Gatmaitan, Jr., MD

1998 Wilberto L. Lopez, MD

1999 Agripino D. Reloza, MD+

2000 Luciano F. Fernandez, MD+

2000 Gregorio P. Tirador, MD

2001 Anastacio R. Aquino, MD

2002 Santiago V. Guzman, MD+

2003 Dante D. Morales, MD

2004 Asuncion A. Reloza, MD

2005 Anastacio R. Aquino, MD

2006 Ernesto P. Namin, MD+

2006 Rody G. Sy, MD

2007 Rodolfo C. Soto, MD

2008 Raul D. Jara, MD+

2009 Marcelito L. Durante, MD

2010 Leonardo D. Exconde, MD

2011 Rafael R. Castillo, MD

2011 Noe A. Babilonia, MD

2012 Generoso T. Matiga, MD

2013 Camilo I. Porciuncula, MD, PhD+

2013 Victor L. Gonzales, MD

2014 Ma. Delfa Tan Zanoria, MD

2015 Florina R. Kaluag, MD

2016 Gloria R. Lahoz, MD

2017 Cesar S. Recto II, MD

2018 Annette P. Borromeo, MD

2019 Isabelita F. Siapno, MD


Most Outstanding Fellow-in-Training 

1979 Cynthia M. Carsolin, MD

1979 Rody G. Sy, MD

1980 William T. Chua, MD

1981 Ruperto D. Mayuga, MD

1982 Antonio S. Sibulo, Jr., MD

1982 Rafael R. Castillo, MD

1983 Emmanuel Favila, MD

1984 Alfredo M. Beltran, MD

1985 Vicente Jose Y. Velez, MD+

1986 Vergel A. Quiogue, MD

1987 Emelyn A. Rivera, MD

1988 Donato R. Marañon, MD

1988 Joel M. Abanilla, MD

1989 Antonio L. Dans, MD

1989 Franklin G. Avellaneda, MD+

1990 Jane R. Ramiro, MD

1991 Reynaldo P. Fajardo, MD

1992 Maria Teresa B. Abola, MD

1993 Anthony B. King, Jr., MD

1994 Luis Martin I. Habana, MD

1995 Eugenio B. Reyes, MD

1996 Manuel Ignatius E. Edmilao, MD

1996 Lorino Iberio A. Ramos, MD

1997 Luis Raymund T. Go, MD

1997 Ma. Adelaida M. Iboleon, MD

1998 Angeles S. Arellano-Yap, MD

1999 Gerald C. Vilela, MD

2000 Patricia J. Agunod, MD

2001 Peter Jay V. San Vicente, MD

2002 Agapito S. Fortuno, Jr., MD

2002 Carlo John M. Manalo, MD

2003 Wilfredo M. Ypil, MD

2003 Jonnah Fatima T. Baltazar,MD

2004 Lalaine D. Cañete, MD

2004 Leila D. Diaz, MD

2005 Marcellus Francis L. Ramirez, MD

2005 Walid A. Amil, MD

2006 Crismelita Mariñas-Bañez, MD

2007 Elaine B. Alajar, MD

2008 Anjanette Uy-Yumul, MD

2009 Arnold S. De Guzman, MD

2010 Paul Ferdinand M. Reganit, MD

2011 Ana Beatriz R. Medrano, MD

2012 Angelo Dave C. Javier, MD

2012 Jose Donato A. Magno, MD

2013 Jun Maximo F. Lasco II, MD

2014 Lowe L. Chiong, MD

2015 Edgar Wilson G. Timbol, MD

2016 Jaime Alfonso M. Aherrera, MD

2017 Lauro L. Abrahan IV, MD

2017 Jose Eduardo DL. Duya, MD

2018 Eddieson M. Gonzales, MD

2019 Marc Denver A. Tiongson, MD


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