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Presidential Awards

Golden Heart Award
Considered to be the highest and the most prestigious award the Association can bestow on a Fellow, the Golden Heart Awardee must possess at least two the following qualifications:
  • A scientist or a leader whose accomplishments are of global impact, i.e., one whose accomplishments have made a positive and significant influence on a global scale.
  • Must have been over-all Chair or President of an international convention or organization; and/or
  • Must have held a key position in the national government.
  • Must have been a past president of the PHA.


1990 Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD                                                   

1991 Ramiro M. De Guia, Jr., MD                                              

1998 Homobono B. Calleja, MD                                                          

2003 Antonio S. Sibulo, Jr. MD                                                            

2005 Ramon F. Abarquez, MD                                                   

2006 Esperanza I. Cabral, MD                                                   

2006 Adolfo B. Bellosillo, MD                                                    

2016 Dante D. Morales, MD                                                               

2017 Avenilo P. Aventura, MD                                                   

2019 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD


Special Presidential Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cardiology

This award is given to any physician, scientist, academician, researcher or teacher who:

  • Has consistently been active in all of the PHA’s activities.
  • Has held a key position in a major health institution or agency.
  • Has been a recipient of several College awards.


1992 Antonio M. Samia, MD 

1996 Rene A. Arcilla, MD                 

2003 Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD

2004 Adolfo B. Bellosillo, MD

2006 Conrado S. Dayrit, MD 

2007 Santiago V. Guzman, MD 

2008 Homobono B. Calleja, MD 

2016 Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD 

2017 Wilberto L. Lopez, MD 

2019 Rafael R. Castillo, MD