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Cardiovascular Nursing


The Council for Cardiovascular Nursing was created in January 2018 to empower clinical nurses to implement and maintain high-quality nursing care for cardiac patients consistent with the guidelines of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). In addition, the council is supportive of and driven by the advocacies of PHA.

Since its establishment, the Cardiovascular Nursing Council has continued to work hand in hand with the Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc. to enable its members to demonstrate professional excellence in nursing care as well as educate communities, with a view towards preventing cardiovascular diseases.


A commitment to advancing cardiovascular nursing through education, research and community linkages


To uphold the highest standards of nursing practices to deliver all elements vital to cardiovascular health


  • To promote the application of cardiovascular nursing standards
  • To provide quality education and training programs
  • To support quality research relevant to cardiovascular nursing
  • To collaborate with local and international organizations for the promotions of the cardiovascular nursing profession

Chair 2023-2026: Janine L. Comendador, RN, DDM

Past Chair:
Felicisima T. Romero, RN. MAN


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