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Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

Chair 2023-2026: Maria Teresa B. Abola, MD

The newly created Council on Precision Cardiovascular Medicine (PCVM) held its first meeting in June, 2023 to organize its membership and discuss proposals for future plans. Members from existing councils were invited to represent their council’s interests that were aligned with the PCVM council’s objective which is to promote awareness on precision CV medicine among CV healthcare professionals with the aim of improving cardiovascular care.

• Dr. Ryan D. Andal – from Council on Heart Failure
• Dr. Elaine B. Alajar – from Council on Stroke and Peripheral Vascular Diseases
• Dr. Rosario Neri-Velhagen – from Council on Cardiomyopathy
• Dr. Cecileen Acosta – from Council on Congenital Heart Disease
• Dr. Marie Kirk Patrich A. Maramara – from Council on EPS
• Dr. Richard Henry P. Tiongco II – PHA Board Representative

Dr. Eva Maria Cutiongco-de la Paz
Dr. Rody Sy