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FitHeart Minute advocates for heart health care through 1-minute exercises.

Both beginner and seasoned individuals in workouts can do these exercises anytime, anywhere.


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To promote a product's brand identity, you create a logo, followed by the slogan. The logo is the chicken, the slogan is the egg. The logo, the frame, can't stand alone. The slogan is the core of the product.

 The FitHeart Minute (FhiM) logo is a single image, an intertwined heart and dock that comes with the slogan: "Nag 1-minute ka na ba?"
Simple, short and snappy but striking. It makes an impression and promises recall.

It only takes a few seconds for FhM to express and stress the FhM message: Doing the one-minute exercise every hour is good for the heart.
Putting the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) logo inside the rectangular box adds credence to the tagline and entire package.

FhM is the result of research, consultations, layout and editing of a creative team led by Raesciel Ann Ramos Laureles, who brainstormed with PHA President Dr. Nannette Rey and fitness Coaches Jim and Toni Saret.

The original FhM logo-slogan has evolved. Its by-product is a poster showing a lady doctor (and that's Doc Nannette) sporting a white heart tee, as the walking endorser of the FhM workplace exercises. Dedicating one minute of your time every walking hour to pocket workouts sounds sensible.

FhM is a brainchild of Doc Nannette, who prefers to do it subtly. "We don't want to come off as too pushy. The one-minute-every-hour habit is doable. It is a practical alternative for people who are not capable of walking 10,000 steps a day as what the Sneakers Friday (SF) requires. FhM is a spin-off of SF," she said. The FhM branding takes the FhM Advocacy to a higher plane.


This article was originally published on July-August 2018 Issue of MyHeartPh