PHA Creed


Statement of Philosophy and Principles

We believe ...

In Tempering the science with the art of Medicine, practicing a holistic approach in the management of our patients;

In Health as vital in the development and progress of our nation, and in generously rendering service for the upliftment of cardiovascular and overall health care;

In Every member’s capabilities, and in providing opportunities for continuing medical education and professional development;

In Harnessing our “Team Spirit”, fostering a culture of collegial unity, understanding and sincere concern for one another;

In Excellence, and the pursuit of it, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in all our activities and undertakings;

In Alliances, constructive and synergistic, with all who share our vision and without having to subvert our philosophy or compromise our principles;

In Respect for human life, observing the highest ethical standards in the conduct of researches and in the dispensation of cures and interventions; and

In The Almighty GOD, the Great Physician, the Source of everything that we are as individuals and as an association, whose blessing we implore in all our goals and aspirations, and in whose Divine Will, we rest our vision.

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