Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing

The Council on Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology endeavors to provide continuing medical education for cardiologists and non-cardiologists on cardiac rhythm disorders, particularly on diagnosis, risk stratification and advances in management, the ultimate goal of which is to enhance the ability of non-electrophysiologists to care for and treat patients with cardiac rhythm disorders.

Chair 2022-2023: Michael Joseph F. Agbayani, MD

Chair 2020-2022: Clara Tolentino, MD

Chair 2014-2017: Erdie C. Fedriguilan, MD

Immediate Past Chair 2011-2014: Gladys Ruth S. David, MD

Past Chair:     Eden A. Gabriel, MD
Members:       William T. Chua, MD
2008-2011      Ma. Belen O. Carisma, MD
                       Anthony B. King, MD
                       Nannette R. Rey, MD
                       Gladys Ruth S. David, MD
                       Magdalena J. Lagamayo, MD
                       Jose Carlo K. Del Pilar, MD
                       Marilou P. Maglana, MD
                       Carlos De las Llagas, MD
                       Von Gonda, MD
                       Mary Joseph A. Mercader, MD
                           Arleen F. Cenizal, MD


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