Chair: Maria Concepcion C. Sison, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Richard Henry P. Tiongco II, MD

Esperanza Alcantara I. Cabral
Eric Oliver D. Sison, MD

Dioscoro DC Bayani II, MD
Jezreel L. Taquiso, MD
Jose Eduardo DL Duya, MD
Mylah P. Alfeche
Maria Cristina Joy T. Irorita, MD

Lynn Crisanta R. Panaganiban (Consultant Toxicologist)

The Pharmacotherapy Council was created in 2018 to address issues about cardiac
pharmacotherapy in the country. This is especially in relation, but not limited to, matters concerning
philhealth, the Philippine National Formulary, and Universal Health Care. The council aims to take the
lead in empowering the PHA membership and the rest of the nation in rational use of cardiac medicine. It
also seeks to give timely updates about pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, and scientific
breakthroughs in cardiac drug development.


“Rational use of medicines requires that patients receive medications appropriate to their clinical
needs, in doses that meet their own individual requirements, for an adequate period of time, and at the
lowest cost to them and their community.” (World Health Organization, 1985)



The Council for Cardiovascular Nursing was created in January 2018 to empower clinical nurses to implement and maintain high-quality nursing care for cardiac patients consistent with the guidelines of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). In addition, the council is supportive of and driven by the advocacies of PHA.

Since its establishment, the Cardiovascular Nursing Council has continued to work hand in hand with the Society of Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc. to enable its members to demonstrate professional excellence in nursing care as well as educate communities, with a view towards preventing cardiovascular diseases.


A commitment to advancing cardiovascular nursing through education, research and community linkages


To uphold the highest standards of nursing practices to deliver all elements vital to cardiovascular health


  • To promote the application of cardiovascular nursing standards
  • To provide quality education and training programs
  • To support quality research relevant to cardiovascular nursing
  • To collaborate with local and international organizations for the promotions of the cardiovascular nursing profession



Chair, Council for Cardiovascular Nursing (2020 - 2023)


Cardio-oncology is a cardiovascular subspecialty with a multidisciplinary integrative approach for the management of cancer patients. It came about because of the increasing number of cancer survivors brought about by improved anti-cancer therapy which also resulted in an increase in cardiovascular complications. It has become quite challenging for the clinician to strike a balance between the treatment of the cancer versus maintaining the efficacy of such treatment in the face of cardiovascular morbidities. Thus the need to have a multidisciplinary approach to address these concerns involve not only oncologists and cardiologists but also radio-oncologists, nurses, pharmacists as well as other allied health workers.

The council on cardiovascular oncology, having been around for only 2 years, is currently led by Dr. Sue Ann Locnen with its members numbering around 35 cardiologists spread all over the Philippines. Its mission is to  promote optimal cardiovascular care of cancer patients in the Philippines with an aim in becoming an Asia Pacific leader in the cardiovascular care of cancer patients by 2028.


Chair 2020 - 2023: Maria Katrina Cruz-Tan, MD


Dr. Rene Alagadan               Dr. Gretchen Soriano       Dr. Julius De Vera

Dr. Angela Apostol-Alday     Dr Louie Shiu                  Dr. Ramayana Garcia

Dr Alisa Bernan                    Dr Helga Sta Maria         Dr. Marian Joy Lopez

Dr. Lulu Cera-Garcia             Dr Katrina Tan                Dr. Marlon Manicad

Dr Arnold De Guzman           Dr. Ava Kaye Tiu       

Dr. Jeffrey De Jesus              Dr. Clara Tolentino               

Dr. Leila Diaz                         Dr. Erwin Ybanez

Dr. Jonald Lucero                  Dr Albert Hans Bautista

Dr. Donny Magno                  Dr. Alex Junia

Dr. Ryan Mambulao              Dr. Alina Hojilla

Dr. Pam Mansilla                   Dr. Marlon Manicad

Dr. Greggy Panga                 Dr. Victor John Benitez

Dr. Maita Senadrin                Dr. Ann Alquizalas Gonzales

Dr. Josephus Sibal               Dr. Myla Gloria Supe

Dr. Christine Yeban               Dr. Teoceles Olivar




The First CV Oncology Travelogue

September 28, 2019 (Angeles Unievrsity Foundation Medical Center)



In September 1982, the Philippine Heart Association, under the leadership of Dr. Adriano Dela Paz as PHA President and Dr. Romeo Divinagracia as Chairman of the Committee on Councils, initiated the foundation of 10 Councils, with the aim of assisting the PHA to achieve its mission and vision, and with the ultimate goal of improving cardiovascular health in the country.
The 10 councils with their respective Chairmen were the councils on: 
• Hypertension (Dr. Dante Morales);
• Coronary Artery Disease and Atherosclerosis (Dr. Ramon Abarquez Jr.);
• Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease (Dr. Andres Reyes Jr.);
• Congenital Heart Disease (Dr. Wilberto Lopez);
• Cardiovascular Surgery (Dr. Avenilo Aventura);
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Dr. Romeo Divinagracia);
• Cardiac Rehabilitation (Dr. Marcelo Esguerra);
• Preventive Cardiology (Dr. Jose Yason);
• Arrhythmias and Cardiac Pacing (Dr. Ramiro De Guia Jr.); and
• Cardiomyopathies and Cor Pulmonale (Dr. Adriano Dela Paz).
The Councils however remained dormant and did not activate their functions to the fullest until the year 1989 when Dr. Ernesto Namin, then President of the PHA, pushed for their revival to meet the needs of the Filipino people.
Over the years, the number of Councils grew and each showed revitalized activity with all the members well aware of their objectives. In addition to the original 10, the Councils on Cardiovascular Anesthesia (formed 1989), Stroke and Peripheral Vascular Disease (1989), Congestive Heart Failure (1997), Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention (1997), and Echocardiography (1997) were created.
In 2005, under the helm of Dr. Esperanza Cabral as Chair, and with the objective of addressing the specific cardiovascular health needs of women, the Council on Women’s Health was created.

The creation of the Council on Cardiovascular Imaging was for the purpose of educating physicians on the various roles of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and nuclear imaging modalities in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases.

In the last quarter of 2017, the Councils on Cardio-Oncology, Pharmacotherapy and Cardiovascular Nursing were created to meet the rapidly advancing pace of scientific developments in the different fields under cardiovascular medicine.

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