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History of PHA

Historical Background of the Association
Cardiology as a specialty was introduced to the Philippines with the formal organization of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) in March 26, 1952 under the initiative and leadership of Dr. Mariano M. Alimurung as the first President, and assisted by Dr. Jose M. Barcelona, as Vice-President, Dr. Antonio M. Samia, Secretary-Treasurer and Dr. Isidro Pertierra, Dr. Conrado Dayrit and Dr. Florencio Herrera Jr. as the other members of the Executive Committee. Dr. Antonio G. Sison was elected as Honorary President. In a message read at the organizational meeting, Dr. Paul Dudley White, one of the most prominent world cardiologists, said: "The organization of the Philippine Heart Association can serve a great purpose as a stimulus to cardiovascular research, teaching, and practice in the Far East." It was a great challenge for the organization then, and now, as it makes a big effort to live up to this expectation.
In the original roster, there were 26 regular members and 28 associate members, the delineating criteria for each category being approved at the Organizational Meeting. The regular members were : Dr. Jose Abueg, Mariano M. Alimurung, Gonzalo E Austria, Jose M. Barcelona, Salvador Busuego, Manuel Chua Chiaco, Jose R. Cruz, Pedro M. Cruz, Cruz, Conrado Dayrit, Saturno Ador Dionisio, Florentino Herrera Jr., Guillermo Ilano, Emmanuel T. Gatchalian, Luis Gonzales, Vicente B. Jimenez, Raymundo Katigbak, Agustin Liboro, Jesus B. Nolasco, Isidro Pertierra, Antonio M. Samia, Hermogenes M. Santos, Agerico B.M. Sison, Antonio G. Sison, Francisco Tangco, Manuel De Veyra, and Wenceslao Vitug. Later Dr. C. Lazatin and A. Guytingco joined the regular members.
Soon after, the Association was recognized nationally by the Philippine Medical Association and internationally by the International Society of Cardiology. Thereupon, the Association has made it its responsibility to expand the medical community's knowledge of the field and to subsequently disseminate this knowledge and other concerns about heart diseases to the general public. The PHA continues to step up its educational campaign through various media and activities in the generation of public awareness on cardiovascular diseases. It is also committed to the continuing education of its members and the rest of the medical community through various lectures, symposia and conventions held here and abroad. Throughout its more than 5 decades of existence, the Association, through its members and accredited training institutions, has also conducted various original researches, enhancing our clinical knowledge of cardiovascular medicine.
Today, the PHA is recognized as one of the biggest and most successful subspecialty associations in the country. It enthusiastically looks forward to the next century, still steadfastly committed to its mission to reduce the ravages of heart diseases in our country, and intently focused on its vision to make the Philippines a leading center of cardiology in the region.

( from the “Heart Turns Gold”, Philippine Heart Association)