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The PHILIPPINE JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY (PJC) is the official scientific publication of the Philippine Heart Association and the Philippine College of Cardiology. It is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes scientific papers and communications pertinent to cardiology and allied fields, including original basic and clinical research, case reports, articles on fundamental cardiovascular principles and reviews on recent and emerging developments in cardiovascular medicine.


It was in 1953, one year after the Philippine Heart Association was established, when the Philippine Heart Journal, then envisioned as the repository of cardiology work in the Philippines, first saw print, with Dr. Mariano Alimurung as its editor. It, however, stopped publication after two years, but was revived with the 10th Anniversary Issue in 1962 under Dr. Manuel Chua Chiaco, Sr., and again, finally in 1972 as the Philippine Journal of Cardiology. (Source: PHA@60 Book)

Editorial Board

Editorial Staff / Peer Reviewers

Lauro L. Abrahan IV, MD

Jasmin Melissa B. Bernardo, MD

Orlando R. Bugarin, MD

Imelda Caole-Ang, MD

Arnold S. de Guzman, MD

Rodney M. Jimenez, MD

Virginia C. Mappala, MD

Maria Concepcion C. Sison, MD

Richard Henry P. Tiongco II, MD

Liberty O. Yaneza, MD

Elaine B. Alajar, MD

April Ann A. Bermudez-De los Santos, MD

Lalaine D. Canete, MD

Jude Erric L. Cinco, MD

Cheryl K. Fomaneg, MD

Jose Donato A. Magno, MD

Jeffrey L. Patawaran, MD

Allen Andrew Sy, MD

Andrea Orel Valle, MD

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