Annual Strategic Planning

The PHA Road Map

At the onset of every fiscal year, the new PHA top gun gets down to business with his co-workers in the Board, the Chapter presidents, Council and Committee and Sub-Committee chairpersons, to draft and chart the association’s road map in the next five years.
This year’s PHA Strategic Planning & Consultative Workshop was held on July 30, 2016 at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila.
PHA President Dr. Raul Lapitan presented his eight-point agenda platform:

  1. Beefing up the Councils & Committees;
  2. Beyond Chapter Engagement;
  3. Advocacies & Social Responsibilities;
  4. Strengthen Beyond-Borders Relationship;
  5. Boost Registries, Guideline and Researches;
  6. Website Enhancement (Unifying Social Media & Communication)
  7. “International” PHA Annual Convention; and
  8. Operational Efficiency.

The facilitators employed strategic imperatives, specific strategies, measurable desired outcomes and timelines and principles in engendering inputs. The collective outputs from identified primary concerns which are targeted to have changes and developments by April 2017 were:

65th PHA President Dr. Raul L. Lapitan:
What’s Cooking Up with PHA?

Most people’s homes are designed or shaped by either the lifestyle or personality of its dwellers. But when visiting the humble abode of Dr. Raul L. Lapitan, the newest to grace PHA’s title of head honcho, it is almost hard to surmise, with all the aesthetic employed that hides all hints, that doctors coupled with five kids inhabit it.
Nevertheless, this is not surprising for someone like Lapitan, who not only has that acumen in the medical department, but flair in a few other doting hobbies. The new face on The Heart News & Views speaks about his current mission at the forerun of PHA, his interests and life.

The Hearty Cook
The classy look of the kitchen with an impressive array of equipment shows just how he is as passionate with cooking as he is with his medical duties. “I consider cooking not a task but a stress buster and an expression of my artistic inclinations,” he ponders, describing how the craft becomes even more special when he cooks for his family (wife, Dr. Rona Lapitan, an OB-Gyne and their five children – Lois, Celina, Jed, Karl and Dana) that gives him “most pleasure.”

Apparently, he seems to be just so enthusiastic with the chore that he holds no particular dish he could consider his own signature recipe. “I am into dish exploration. I love learning new recipes, recreating them and creating my own mixtures and blends,” he claims, haughtily describing himself as a “food artisan” with all his uniqueness in preparing fresh green salads, steaks, grilled dishes, pasta and sauces, and even his own version of paella, all rich with garnish.


The Philippine Heart Association is always embarking on HEART HEALTH PROMOTION programs directly communicating with its local chapters that are inclusive in nature. Local government units, local doctors (gps, fam Med), regional to barangay health offices, parishes and communities are always encourage and welcome to be part of the regular activities. Hearthealth Advocacies which included proactive instructions on healthy lifestyle endorsed by PHA Champions on Hearthealth Lifestyle (Passcode: 5-2-1-0-0) [5- servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 - less than 2 hours of TV screening or gadgets, 1 hour of excise, 0 for zero sugary drinks, and 0 smoking], live demonstrations of simple but yet effective and practical exercise, preparing easy to cook Hearthealth diet, "Know-Your-Numbers" or "Make Control Your Goal" campaign (CORBook) and even teaching everybody how to do hands-only CPR are very much appreciated by the local participants, doctors and lays but much has to be done.

By Raul L. Lapitan, MD
PHA President

December puts everyone in a festive and in panic mode. No matter how busy or toxic our work schedule is we need to attend calendared celebrations, reunions and meetings and do last-minute shopping. And since it is the last month of the year, we are required to do our year-end reports. And this early, a few people I know are mulling their New Year’s resolutions. The usual top New Year’s wish list are focused on career and compensation, business, love life and health, in this order. It is high time that we aim our goals at the very aspect responsible for motivating or experiencing these things – the HEART.

BP and Heart Disease

“180/110? Impossible! That can't be! I do not feel anything," a teacher-patient said after her blood pressure (BP) was checked by the doctor.

These are the usual comments we hear from our patients. We always emphasize that a hypertensive person can be ASYMPTOMATIC; not feeling nape pains, dizziness or headache does not rule out hypertension.

But numbers don’t lie. A BP that reaches 140 mmHg systolic (the higher number) and/or 90 mmHg diastolic (the lower number), already makes you hypertensive.


Instant Hands-Only CPR buys time
By Raul L. Lapitan, MD
Philippine Heart Association

When a person suffers from sudden cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death, his/her best chance of survival without any setbacks would rely on the speed or amount of time of emergency aid response. The most advisable response rate is four minutes. The lesser time spent on reviving a victim through hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or basic life support (BLS), the fewer the consequences and the better the results.

About 70% of sudden cardiac arrests occur within the confines of the household. During this situation, chances are none of the family members know more than to have hurried trips to the hospital or immediately call for an ambulance, due to lack of knowledge on proper medical response methods. And by the time help arrives and the patient gets to a hospital, there is only a thin, four to six percent chance of survival left. With the overwhelming traffic jam these days, exacerbated by the holiday rush, we are very fortunate if it would take only about twenty to 30 minutes for an ambulance to get a patient to a hospital, even if it breezes at race car-level speeds.

Heart Line is a column published in The Philippine Star to educate Filipinos on heart health and trends in cardiology and related topics. The Heart Line article published on October 29, 2013, is titled: "Sudden death." In addition, if you want to learn more about Sudden Cardiac Death, click here from the website of the Heart Rhythm Society.


Heart Line is a column published in The Philippine Star to educate Filipinos on heart health and trends in cardiology and related topics. The Heart Line article published on October 11, 2013, is titled: "Pass the code: 5-2-1-0-0." Click here to download the article.



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