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Global Heart, the official journal of the World Heart Federation, is now open access.

Global Heart goes open access

Dear Members,

I am proud to announce that the official journal of the World Heart Federation, Global Heart, is now open access. As of January 2020, all issues of Global Heart can be accessed for free online without a subscription. Previously published issues of the journal will also become freely available under this new scheme.


Global Heart offers a platform for the dissemination of knowledge on research, developments, trends and solutions in the area of cardiovascular disease. It publishes research results, points of view and educational material on the prevention, treatment and control of cardiovascular disease, with a special focus on low resource settings.


The decision for this shift to open access publishing was made on the principle that making Global Heart's content freely available to the public will support a greater global exchange of knowledge, ideas and practices – one of the pillars of the World Heart Federation's mission.


This is a big and important step for the World Heart Federation. By offering easy and unrestricted access to the articles published in Global Heart, we will be ensuring a faster and wider dissemination of its content, stimulating and inspiring further research in the areas which it covers.



Prof Diederick Grobbee

Editor-in-Chief, Global Heart


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