Steadfast in its commitment to cascade “Healthy Lifestyle” (HL) as the most potent “pill” to put lifestyle-induced diseases at bay, especially during the cool months of the year, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) recently conducted a Heart Fair at  Eastwood, Quezon City.

 The Heart Fair offered free heart-health/risk factor screenings such as ECG (electrocardiogram), blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol test, and BMI  (body mass index), as well as diet counseling.  One of the Fair's highlights was the “Dress Up Your Jeans” Contest sponsored by JAG. 

During the fair, the cardiologist members of PHA urged the public to watch their diet, check and modify their lifestyle because of the high incidence of heart and vascular diseases during the Holidays and the cool months. November, December and January are the coolest months of the year.  

PHA Secretary Dr. Isabelo Ongtengco said that “the cool climate triggers the constriction of the blood vessels. High-cholesterol and –sodium foods, which are the common fare these days contribute to the clogging of the arteries. Stress and excitement brought about by the high cost of living are (also) the culprits in hypertension and heart attack.”  

In the face of a growing number of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among the young, the PHA also called for a healthy workplace.  A wholesome environment is an ideal setting to advocate  HL  habits, said Dr. Ma. Adelaida Iboleon-Dy, PHA director and Advocacy Committee chair. 

Lastly, PHA urged Filipinos to take heart disease seriously. Contrary to popular belief, heart disease is not just a “rich country” problem. Around 80% of deaths from heart disease happen in low- and middle-income or developing countries like the Philippines.


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