Since its conceptualization in February 2007, more than 500 children with heart diseases have been part of Camp BraveHeart which aims to help post-surgical patients to transition from a life of "limited activity and exposure" to one with "vision, hope and fruitful experience." This event hopes to empower them tor each their full potential through encouraging interactions with co-participants, doctors, expert speakers and student volunteers.


Now on its 8th run, this year's Camp BraveHeart seeks to emphasize that no hurdle can keep us emerging as victors in life. Despite the inevitable trials that we incessantly face, we Filipinos always resolve to survive, armed with an inspiration to live, returning with an even stronger will after all the hardships.

Join us in our advocacy to instill in young hearts the spirit of resilience and the resolve to never give up!

Click here to view a video about Braveheart.