The Philippine Heart Association (the “Organizer”) is launching a Healthy Heart Cheer-Dance Competition for the 2008 World Heart Day Celebration. All participating cheer squads are expected to be conversant with rules and safety requirements. This competition is open to selected Metro Manila Schools.

1. The competition will be held on September 28, 2008, at The Arena in San Juan City. Call time for the participants is at 6am. The team captains/managers from the participating schools shall draw lots to determine the sequence of rehearsal and actual performance. Late teams shall automatically be scheduled first in the order of rehearsals and performances.

2. Each participating school is entitled to enter only one (1) official group composed of eligible female performers/male and female (dancers) not less than fifteen (15) and not more than twenty-five (25) in number. A maximum of five (5) additional members may be included who shall serve only as spotters and/or props men for the team. The spotters and/or props men must wear black uniform (t-shirt, pants and shoes).

3. All performers must be female/must consist of both male and female, 13 – 17 years of age and bonafide enrolled students of the school they represent. The participating schools must submit the following pertinent information:

• Enrollment data of present semester signed by the school’s Registrar
• Xerox copy of school ID of each female performer for the present school year.

The spotters and/or props men are not subject to the foregoing eligibility requirements.

Registration of the participating schools, together with a final list of their performers and spotters and/or props men, must be completed on or before 19 September 2008.

4. The entire duration of the performance must not exceed four (4) minutes, inclusive of 30 seconds pre-setting and 30 seconds exit/pack-up and clean-up.

• Routine must be within a minimum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes. Five points shall be deducted from the final score of each participating team for every thirty (30) seconds, or increment thereof, in excess of the allocated four (4) minutes for the performance.

• Cheers/chants must be yelled by the dancers live (not pre-recorded). Cheer segment of the routine should not be less than 30 seconds, and must not exceed 1 minute of the 3 minutes allotted for the entire routine. Cheer content should include preventive health messages for maintaining cardiovascular wellness such as eating a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and stop/quit smoking.

• Routines may be accompanied by canned music and/or a band of the school they represent.

• Routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Any vulgar or suggestive movements, words, or music may result in disqualification. Uniforms must also be decent.

• In no instance shall there be more than thirty (30) persons on the performance area from the participating teams at any time during the performance. Organizers though will also provide their own additional five (5) spotters to assure safety.

• All props must be registered and cleared with the Organizer prior to the performance. Pyrotechnics and other similar dangerous or hazardous props are strictly prohibited. There is a limit of only two (2) hand-held “safe props” to be used by the performers (ex: pompoms, flaglets, placards), plus one banner/streamer to be provided by the organizer’s sponsor.

5. Criteria for judging:

·         Degree of difficulty 10 pts.
·         Pyramids 5pts. (2 levels only; minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 pyramids)
·         Jumps 3 pts. (minimum of 3)
·         Tosses 2 pts. (maximum of 1)
·         Dance techniques 5 pts.
·         Gymnastic skills 5 pts. (rolls, tumbling, etc.)
·         Synchronization 10 pts.
·         Energy and projection 10 pts.
·         Cheer content 10 pts.
·         Audibility and volume 10 pts. (Clarity in cheers, yells and chants)
·         Safety 10 pts.
·         Over-all Choreography 10 pts.
·         Audience Impact 10 pts.

A panel of judges shall determine the winners based on the foregoing criteria. Any violation of the foregoing rules may be used as a ground for disqualification or otherwise cause the appropriate point deduction on the final score. The decision of the panel shall be final.

Prizes: 1st – P50,000; 2nd – P25,000; 3rd – P5,000


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