With a goal set to deliver community-oriented programs to improve the care, and prevent and decrease morbidity associated with rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease, the Council on Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease was created in 1982.
Initial objectives included increasing public awareness on the prevention of streptococcal infection and rheumatic fever.

At present, the Council is involved in the preventive, curative and rehabilitation aspects of the patient with rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. It continually promotes strategies on primary prophylaxis through proper education of the diagnosis and prevention of rheumatic fever, and in cooperation with the RF/RHD Foundation and the Department of Health, holds provision of free penicillin treatments to indigent rheumatic heart disease patients.

Chair 2014=2017: Jhuliet J. Balderas, MD

Immediate Past Chair: Ma. Bernadette A. Azcueta, MD

Past Chair: Chair: Ma. Ina DP. Bunyi, MD
Members:       Lourdes SR. Casas, MD
2008-2011     Gerry Acosta, MD
                    Blandina Ferrera, MD
                    Bernadette Azcueta, MD
                    Emelita Rebutoc, MD
                    Rhuzenette Hernandez, MD         
                    Glenda Tubianosa, MD
                    Maritess Flores, MD
                    Virginia Mappala, MD
                    Monina Pasumbal, MD
                    Rowena Sanchez, MD
                    Julia Maape, MD
                    Eloisa L. Lazaro, MD
Associate Member:  Denise Ruiz