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Distinguished Fellow Award
This is the most prestigious award and highest among the College Awards and is conferred to a Fellow of the college who has received any two of the college awards and is qualified to receive a third award. In lieu of the third award, the Distinguished Fellow Award is given.

1984: Edilberto G. Gozo, Jr., MD
1985: Roman P. Palma, MD
1986: Cesar G. Estalilla, MD
1988: Adolfo B. Bellosillo, MD
1989: Mariano M. Tolentino, MD
1990: Florina L. Kaluag, MD
1991: Augusto A. Camara, MD
1992: Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+
1993: Homobono B. Calleja, MD
1994: Avenilo P. Aventura, MD
1995: Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD
1996: Santiago V. Guzman, MD+
1998: Helen P. Abundo, MD+ (Posthumous)
1999: Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD+
2000: Elias S. Imperial, MD+ (Posthumous)
2001: Bun Yok O. Dy, MD
2002: Wilberto L. Lopez, MD
2003: Clemente C. Gatmaitan, Jr., MD
2004: William T. Chua, MD and Francisco G. Dizon, MD
2005: Adriano G. Dela Paz, MD
2006: Rodolfo C. Soto, MD and Gregorio B. Patacsil, MD
2007: Agripino D. Reloza, MD+
2008: Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD
2009: Asuncion A. Reloza, MD
2010: Rody G. Sy, MD
2011: Dante D. Morales, MD
2012: Rafael R. Castillo, MD 

Loyalty Award
This award is given to a Past President of the PHA or any of its Chapters who has not been a member of the Board of Directors for at last five (5) years. He/She must have continuously served the Association in various capacities and has contributed to the furtherance of its goals.

1982: Manuel Chua Chiaco, Sr., MD+
1983: Homobono B. Calleja, MD
1984: Emmanuel T. Gatchalian, Sr., MD+
1985: Avenilo P. Aventura, MD
1986: Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD+
1988: Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr., MD
1989: Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+
1990: Andres L. Reyes, Jr., MD+
1991: Jose M. Barcelona, MD
1992: Adriano G. dela Paz, MD
1993: Helen P. Abundo, MD+
1994: Francisco G. Dizon, MD
1995: Gonzalo F. Austria, MD
1996: Elias S. Imperial, MD+
1997: Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD
1998: Clemente C. Gatmaitan, Jr., MD and Wilberto L. Lopez, MD
1999: Agripino D. Reloza, MD+
2000: Luciano F. Fernandez, MD+ and Gregorio P. Tirador, MD
2001: Anastacio R. Aquino, MD
2002: Santiago V. Guzman, MD+
2003: Dante D. Morales, MD
2004: Asuncion A. Reloza, MD
2005: Anastacio R. Aquino, MD
2006: Ernesto P. Namin, MD+ and Rody G. Sy, MD
2007: Rodolfo C. Soto, MD
2008: Raul D. Jara, MD
2009: Marcelito L. Durante, MD
2010: Leonardo D. Exconde, MD
2011: Rafael R. Castillo, MD and Noe A. Babilonia, MD
2012: Generoso T. Matiga, MD

Distinguished Teacher Award
This award is given to a Fellow of the College who, because of his/her demonstrated abilities as outstanding teacher, is considered to have made major contributions to cardiology by teaching and mentoring of students at the undergraduate/post doctoral levels. 

1983: Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD
1984: Antonio M. Samia, MD+
1985: Conrado S. Dayrit, MD+
1986: Jose M. Barcelona, MD+
1988: Mariano M. Alimurung, MD+
1989: Evelyn B. Singian, MD
1990: Helen P. Abundo, MD+
1991: Luis M. Mabilangan, MD
1992: Bun Yok O. Dy, MD
1993: Emmanuel T. Gatchalian, Sr., MD+
1994: Wilberto L. Lopez, MD
1995: Rodolfo C. Soto, MD
1996: Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD
1997: Homobono B. Calleja, MD
1998: Yolando Q.M. Sulit, MD and Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr. MD
1999: Rody G. Sy, MD
2000: Dante D. Morales, MD
2001: William T. Chua, MD
2002: Nelson S. Abelardo, MD
2003: Romeo D. Saavedra, MD and Esperanza I. Cabral, MD
2004: Jose A. Yulde, MD and Roberto V. Anastacio, MD
2005: Milagros E. Yamamoto, MD
2006: Francisco G. Dizon, MD
2007: Edna G. Monzon, MD
2008: Manuel B. Zacarias, MD
2009: Avenilo P. Aventura, MD
2010: Demetrio R. Flores, MD
2011: Norbert Lingling D. Uy, MD
2012: Wilson Tan De Guzman, MD

Distinguished Scientist Award
This award is given to an individual who must have contributed significant scientific knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases, pioneered in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the management of cardiovascular diseases or published original papers in reputable local and/or international journals.

1984: Santiago V. Guzman, MD+
1986: Ramon F. Abarquez, Jr., MD
1987: Homobono B. Calleja, MD
1988: Jose V. Yason, Jr., MD
1989: William T. Chua, MD
1991: Francisco G. Dizon, MD
1992: Esperanza I. Cabral, MD
1993: Andres L. Reyes, Jr., MD+
1994: Adriano G. dela Paz, MD
1995: Bun Yok O. Dy, MD
1997: Elias S. Imperial, MD+
1998: Luis M. Mabilangan, MD
1999: Antonio L. Dans, MD
2000: Rodolfo C. Soto, MD
2001: Ernesto B. Baello, Jr., MD
2004: Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, MD
2005: Ma. Teresa B. Abola, MD
2006: Edgardo E. Ortiz, MD
2007: Jose Jonas D. Del Rosario, MD
2008: Dante D. Morales, MD
2009: Roberto V. Anastacio, MD
2010: Eduardo S. Caguioa, MD
2011: Bernardette Tumanan-Mendoza, MD
2012: Marcellus Francis L. Ramirez, MD

Distinguished Service Award
This award is given to any physician, scientist or lay person or institution who by individual/concerted effort, has made profound contributions to cardiology through or delivery of services and the furtherance of the goals of the Association in the national or international level for at least ten (10) years. 

1984: Alberto G. Romulo, DCL and Ruben F. Santos, LLB+
1985: Antonio E. Gonzales, MD
1987: Vicente L. Magsino, MD+
1988: Romeo A. Divinagracia, MD
1989: Ramiro M. de Guia, Jr., MD+
1990: Jose F. Llenado, MD
1991: Agripino D. Reloza, MD+
1992: Ernesto P. Namin, MD+
1993: Rogelio B. Yebes, MD
1994: Luz P. Mabanag, MD+
1995: Camilo I. Porciuncula, MD, PhD
1996: Teresita E. Perez, MD and Dantel D. Morales, MD
1997: Paterno H. Dizon
1998: Asuncion A. Reloza, MD and Rody G. Sy, MD
1999: Delia A. Villar
2000: Rafael R. Castillo, MD
2001: Ramy S. Diez
2002: Jorge A. Sison, MD
2003: Isabelo V. Ongtengco Jr., MD
2004: Ludgerio D. Torres, MD
2005: Jose Vicente Y. Velez, MD (Posthumous)
2006: Ramon P. Cumagun
2007: Romeo P. Ariniego, MD
2008: Lerma R. Noval, MD
2009: Eriberto A. Factora
2010: Nelson S. Abelardo, MD and Mary Ong-Go, MD
2011: Gregorio B. Patacsil Jr., MD (Posthumous)
2012: Edgardo E. Ortiz, MD