Fun & Glam

PHA Christmas party bash 2016

The annual holiday events the PHA holds for its members and allies alike have been consistently storied occasions, and each year boasts a celebration distinctly memorable from the last. This year, the PHA Christmas Party outdid previous occasions by kicking off with a different rhythmic flavor.IMG 2018

Aside from the familiar figureheads of the PHA, both present and former, old and new faces also graced the event hailing from various pharmaceutical industries and other allies of PHA’s advocacies and projects, each of whom PHA President Dr. Raul Lapitan introduced.

PHA Board first-timer and party master Dr. Jude Erric Cinco, rightfully got to showcase his quirky and showman side, even just from his two-piece suit brightened by a scarlet bow tie and topped with a bright brown fedora hat.

This just goes to show how the organization still lives up to its glamorous reputation in holding get-together parties while still keeping the fun facade intact. Indeed, this mood blend proved to be effective in giving a mysterious shroud to the real theme of the party. All Cinco had to give out to the audience to prepare for was to “be ready, wear your dancing shoes and clear your voices just in case.”

Hugot Mail
Prior to the program, names were listed and entered for the traditional raffle draw for presents. However, this turned out to be just one of the purposes of the name entries as registrants would also have to log their names on top of individual paper slips provided before the program proper as well.

Each paper slip contained incomplete hugot or pickup lines for them to fill out. Each hugot entry had a certain Christmas theme or tone to it, and – following the trend of Filipino popular culture slang of modern romanticism – had a funny twist of meaning in the end like, “Christmas lights ka ba? Kasi you light up my life!”

These were collected before the program started as a side-draw to be called and featured for more surprise offerings for the participants and for everyone to flaunt their inner romantic.

Heart Smarts
Being the party host, Cinco laid out the game he himself formulated which tested the participants’ minds and flair for mainstream arts. Aptly titled “Masters of Cardiology,” it was a quiz game fashioned after the classic show “Jeopardy” in which questions were relayed as descriptions of the answer with direct linkages to or pertaining to the word “heart” itself.
Participants would pick out the questions per category, namely: Pop Culture Heart, which references films, foreign and local, containing the word “heart” in its main titles; Song from the Heart gives clues through playing a short clip of a song which the guests would have to give the title of (or sing if requested, which was exactly what former PHA President Dr. Jose Abanilla did); and Expressions of the Heart, which gives out meanings of a phrase or idiomatic expressions that, again, focuses on or the word heart.

Holidays or not, Cinco still made it a point to put a little challenge to the quiz by leveling up the difficulty of the questions that not only challenged everyone but got them to their geek modes as well. Points were awarded per table group, with the highest gainer getting a prize, which was just like an icing on the cake since Cinco himself said that “everyone is a winner.”

PHA on the Floor
“Instead of the usual part where we just sit around,” Cinco later revealed, “We will dance!” And danced the night they did, with a few select professional dance instructors to help everyone out on the dance floor.

IMG 2078The theme of the party was ballroom, thus, the playlist consists of throwback tunes suitable for ballroom track steps. At first, Cinco and PHA Executive Director Gina Inciong were leading the dance floor but others soon followed suit with their own partners, guided by the dance instructors.

This later paved way to “The Most Energetic Dancer” award. The party culminated with the raffle draw. Winners got to take home overnight stays at the Discovery and Linden Suites, among a few others such as gift baskets. The catch, though, is that for every name called or drawn, they would have to state their Christmas hugot line to serve the purpose of entering the slips in the pre-party phase.

PHA Vice President Dr. Jorge Sison expressed gratitude to the guests as he represented this yearly occasion to be the “culmination of our hard work for the past 12 months with the PHA’s advocacy goals succeeding through the help and support of our pharmaceutical company partners.”

Dr. Aurora Leus, PHA Board member and treasurer, also gave her impressions of the crowd. She said this is the “season to be jolly and also to remember the Lord; to enjoy life and family. We would like to remember this day as a day spent with family and friends,” she reflected.
Indeed, it had been a busy year for the PHA and its pharmaceutical partners that PHA Director
Dr. Orlando Bugarin made sure that everyone would take advantage of the party before work proceeds again next year.

PHA Secretary Dr. Nannette Rey and Immediate Past President Dr. Alex Junia hoped that, through leisurely activities like this, partnership between the two entities would keep the projects going. “We would not be here if it weren’t for the support of the pharmas in our advocacy,” Junia said.

Christmas parties are routine-like these days, and this is exactly what PHA wants to reverse, thus the youngest Board member is tasked to conceptualize the theme and host the party.
As the program ended with another round of incessant dancing, all stakeholders hope that, in future undertakings, this tradition of camaraderie will continue to be upheld.