PHA exec Ricky Alegre named DOT Asec

Business Mirror Vice President for Corporate Affairs and PHA VP for External Affairs Frederick Alegre, was appointed as Assistant Secretary for Media Affairs of the Department of Tourism (DOT) on September 5, 2016.

Along with four other appointees, DOT Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo swore in Alegre at the DOT Building in Makati City.

Alegre brings with him to DOT his extensive experience as a media and management expert and the niche he has established in mass media. Alegre stated that ushering in a different direction in his career had not been easy, considering his eclectic affiliation with the media.
He shares that wife, Cathy, said that, indeed, the job “needs a lot of weighing. I know you have made sacrifices for your political aspirations because you’ve put us first, so if this is what you want, we will back you up and leave the rest to God,” Alegre relayed, reflecting on how his family was hesitant about his decisions at first, but ultimately supported him in this significant and honorable endeavor.

Before the DOT posting, Alegre also served as board director of the United Printers Media Group (UPMG) which he also formerly headed – ranks he vacated to fulfill his new role in government.

True enough, his contributions to the media sector have culminated to his promotion as a spokesperson for something as media-centric and –heavy sector such as the tourism industry.
Prior to his shot at larger positions, he was a renowned reporter for the Philippine Star before pursuing a career within the Cabangon Group of Companies that include the Business Mirror, Philippine Graphic Publications, Inc., where he served as an Employee Value Proposition and Chief Operating Officer.

Throughout all these, Alegre still stays true as a staunch PHA supporter, as he assured PHA “I am not going away, I am just around. I am so proud to have been part of PHA, the most systematic organizations I’ve known,”

"After 30 years in media this July, I can dedicate my time to my country, also in media, as DOT Assistant Secretary for Media and Spokesman,” Alegre remarked.