International Chapters now have the opportunity to contribute to JACC and publications! The JACC Editors would welcome the following submissions from our Chapters:


Guest Editor’s Pages: The JACC editors are seeking op-ed/editorial-style articles, about 1,500 words in length, on topics that would focus on a clinical/scientific consideration that is specific to the region of the author. As examples, the international JACC Deputy Editors recently have focused on issues such as epidemiological considerations of cardiovascular disease in Eastern Asia and specifically Japan (July 14), the management of concurrent HIV and heart disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (August 4), and the globalization of the Chagas disease burden (September 8). The editors are looking to the governors to serve as experts and inform the global cardiovascular community about regional clinical or research considerations.

Fellows-in-Training/Early Career Pages: The JACC editors are seeking editorial-style articles, about 1,500 words in length, on topics that are specific or exclusive to FIT/EC perspective. These shouldn’t be case-based research or original investigations, as those articles will continue to get submitted in the traditional way through the JACC site. Over the past 1.5 years, we have accepted topics such as pregnancy in fellowship, medical malpractice from the perspective of a fellow, the desire to pursue quality improvement in research, the changing face of bedside evaluations with handheld ultrasounds, moonlighting in fellowship, as well as the necessity of sub-specialization training. These papers should not include a senior physician as an author, but the editors will solicit a short response from a senior expert cardiologist.

To begin the submission process, please send an outline or proposal to JACC Editorial Director, Justine Cadet (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Your proposal will then be reviewed by Dr. Fuster and the Associate Editors who will provide you with feedback. The editors will also make a recommendation for whether your article would be suitable for publication in JACC. Articles not selected for JACC will then be considered by the Editorial Board for publication on

Submissions will be accepted year-round on a rolling basis so we encourage you to submit proposals as they develop. We also ask you to keep in mind that as with standard submissions, these submissions are not guaranteed publication.