There are close to 200,000 children who choose to skip school every day because of their fear of being bullied by their classmates or peers. Attacks and various forms of verbal intimidation are the main types of bullying that start at young ages – younger than a few years ago – and also with and enhanced and alarming degree of aggression. In other words, bullying continues to be a matter that requires the full attention of authorities, teachers, and parents altogether.


The Frightful Effects Of Repeated Bullying

Bullying is capable of causing emotional damage in children, with devastating effects on their self-esteem. Repeated bullying is also known to cause many mental health issues with special emphasis on the long-term effects. Children who are being bullied feel emotionally distressed and alienated, depressed and start to suffer from anxiety. Not few are the sad and disturbing cases of children who have committed suicide because of the pain they could no longer endure. As a parent, you need to be on your toes at all times and become bullying-savvy so you can identify the early signs of your child being bullied and take the necessary measures.  

How To Tell If Your Child Is Being Bullied

If you notice any physical signs of abuse on your child’s body such as scratches and bruises or scrapes, he might have been physically bullied in school. Also, if you notice your kid has started losing his lunch money, toys, or school supplies, it might also be an indicator of him being harassed and bullied during class. A child who refuses to go to school anymore or who avoids getting involved in school trips and other similar school activities with his peers might also be trying to escape his bully. Children who seem to be afraid to be left alone and who become clingy of their parents or who on the contrary start to be withdrawn and evasive or state they are feeling lonely may be also experiencing bullying episodes in school. As easy it might be to simply not notice such behaviors when you have got your nose buried into your laptop marking the Mega Millions online numbers of the next big draw on sites like LotteryMaster, it is your responsibility as a parent to mark all changes in your child behavior. Personality changes are specific to the transformations teens go through; however, they could also signal your teen son or daughter is being bullied and you will need to pay close attention to the rest of the changes that do not feel right.    



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