In the Philippines, tobacco use kills 10 people every hour.1

As more people stop smoking in countries like the United States and throughout much of Europe, the tobacco industry is determined to keep its deadly grip on low- and middle-income countries like the Philippines. Big Tobacco intentionally targets people in the Global South, particularly women and children, addicting millions of people to its lethal product.

Right now, the Philippine Tobacco Institute (PTI), an umbrella association of tobacco corporations, is a member of the national committee that implements my country’s tobacco control laws. This is an outrageous conflict of interest, and the PTI -- which includes subsidiaries of some of the world’s largest tobacco corporations -- needs to be kicked out of our national tobacco control committee. 

Sign the petition to kick the PTI out of the tobacco control committee.

Two members of the Philippine Congress have introduced a bill to remove the PTI from the national tobacco control committee and prevent tobacco corporations from further meddling in lifesaving public health measures in the Philippines. But in order for Congress to pass the bill, it needs widespread, global support. That’s where you come in. 

This is a petition by HealthJustice Philippines to the Philippine Congress , and your support will ensure our message is heard loud and clear. Please sign the petition to help remove the PTI from our national tobacco control committee. Together, we can create a movement powerful enough to pressure the Philippine Congress to enact this law.

Thank you for standing up to Big Tobacco, and thank you for standing with the Philippines.